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Credit Union Advantage has been providing financial services to members and their families since 1969. Initially the credit union was named Providence Hospital Employees Credit Union and in 2002 we began to also serve the employees of the St. John Health System, which includes Providence Hospital. Our name was changed at that time to Credit Union Advantage.

Throughout our history, we have stayed in step with current technology, enhanced our services, and added new programs in order to improve the financial lives of our members.

Members and their families can enjoy a wide range of financial services – from savings and certificate programs to checking accounts with no monthly fees; low-rate loans for many reasons; and 24/7 electronic services that make it easy for our members to do business with us.

We’ve made a commitment to our youth by developing the Penny Savers Club for members age 12 and under, and the Teen Club for members age 13-17. At Credit Union Advantage, we feel it’s important to help our young members learn about the importance of saving and how financial services work. In fact, our Teen Club members can open a checking account and use a Debit MasterCard with a parent as co-signer.

Who Can Join

Membership with Credit Union Advantage is available to:

Office are located in the Providence Medical Building in Southfield.

Credit Union Advantage follows all procedures of the U.S. Patriot Act when opening accounts.

Why do business with a Credit Union vs a Bank!

Credit unions are similar to traditional banks in the sense that both institutions offer financial products to customers. Credit union members, like bank customers, have access to checking and savings accounts, CDs, loan products, credit cards, and more. However, credit unions differ from larger banking chains in three distinct ways:

  1. One key difference is that a credit union is a not-for-profit institution. Since credit unions operate as nonprofits, we can offer higher interest rates on savings accounts and CDs, lower interest rates on loan products and credit cards, 24/7 electronic access, along with lower or no fees.
  2. Another important distinction is that credit unions are member-focused institutions. A credit union is a cooperative, which means it is owned and operated by its members, as opposed to being owned by its stockholders like a bank. Your initial membership deposit makes you a part owner of Credit Union Advantage and gives you a say in the credit union’s decisions.

Because of this ownership structure, potential members have to meet membership requirements, which are described above for Credit Union Advantage. Our members also enjoy personalized service from our team of knowledgeable employees.

Mission Statement & Service Standards

Mission Statement: Credit Union Advantage is committed to providing a range of safe, secure, convenient, innovated financial products and services exclusively for its members.

Our Service Standards:

Recognize: All members should be acknowledged and greeted upon entering.

Engaged: Actively listen to member’s questions, suggestions and show concern for their inquiries.

Smile: Smiling is good customer service and good for business.

Proactive: Actively look for ways to continually improve service to members and fellow associates.

Exceeding Expectations: Always attempt to exceed members expectations.

Confidence: Show confidence by knowing your job well.

Thank You: End each encounter with a member by thanking them and asking “Is there anything else I can help you with?”