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Kasasa® (ka•sa•sa) noun — free accounts that reward you for going local

Kasasa Cash®

Really high dividends

Earn More

Kasasa Cash Back®

Cash back on purchases

Swipe Happy

Kasasa Tunes®

Online shopping refunds

Add To Cart

Kasasa Saver®

Automatic reward transfers

Save Up

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What's New at CU Advantage

Get the chance to win a $50 gift card when you open a new service in 2019!

More Specials

Moving Party at Your Place

Found your dream home? We’ll get you the right mortgage for your budget — you get the boxes.

Start Packing

Engines are Complicated…

Buying a car shouldn’t be. We’ll guide you step by step.


Find a Vehicle

Flashy coupe or soccer mom van — we're not judging


Compare Prices

Don't get taken for a ride — find real vehicle values


See CARFAX History

Always good to cyberstalk a potential love interest

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Check Rates

Some of the best you'll find in Southeast Michigan


Calculate Payments

Know the numbers before you apply


Get Pre-Approved

Negotiate like a pro with a check in hand

We Technology

Mobile Payments

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Shop with ease
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Gain Security
Upgrade Your Wallet

Digital Banking

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Skip branch trips
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Bank day or night
Mobilize Your Life

Money Smarts Start Here

Build a budget, get one-on-one debt counseling, and more with our free educational resources.

Financial 101

Access Your Money Anywhere You Go

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