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CU Advantage’s Skip-a-Payment program is available all year. So, if you need to skip in the spring for home improvements, in the summer for a great vacation, in the fall for back to school expenses, or to have extra cash for holiday shopping and travel — it’s your choice! Plus, if you have multiple qualifying loans, you can skip all of them once each year at the same time or at different times. 

  • Skips can only be made once per year per qualifying loan.
  • Loans that do NOT qualify for this program include: Visa credit cards, home equity loans, home mortgages, revolving credit, lease alternative, lines of credit, or any loan that is being paid by credit union disability insurance.
  • All loans must be current, and co-signers must sign.
  • First payment on any loan cannot be skipped (unless there is a special limited time promotion being offered).
  • There’s a $30 fee for each loan payment skipped.
  • All requests must be received 4 weeks prior to your loan payment due date and are subject to review and approval. 

Keep extra cash in your pocket and take advantage of the Skip-a-Payment program today.

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